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Space, the fron­tier of infin­i­ty, towards which researchers from the University of Namur trav­el. Their mis­sion: to explore strange new worlds, to dis­cov­er new lives, oth­er knowl­edge, and in defi­ance of dan­ger to move for­ward into the unknown… On October 17 of the year 2022, we invite you for a trip from Namur towards Space. We will dis­cov­er the research car­ried out at UNamur in the fields of space to try to answer a ques­tion, what does space research bring us? We trav­el this trip accom­pa­nied by 2 crews of bril­liant sci­en­tists. Boris Hespeels, Anne-Catherine Heuskin, Anne Lemaître, and Sarah Baatout. The mis­sion of this first crew? Make you dis­cov­er the tech­no­log­i­cal advances that space research brings us! In the 2nd part of the trip, it is the crew formed by Anne-Sophie Libert, Dominique Lambert, André Füzfa and with undis­guised plea­sure, we will have the hon­or of wel­com­ing the famous cap­tain Frank De Winne. They will bring us their exper­tise to learn more about us, about human­i­ty. And to end the pre­sen­ta­tions, Anne-Sophie Bruyndonckx, RTBF jour­nal­ist, will be our guide on this jour­ney to the stars from there, This con­fer­ence takes place with­in the frame­work of the Belgian Space Week which is orga­nized on the occa­sion of the two anniver­saries that we will cel­e­brate this year. This event puts space explo­ration in the spot­light with a triple objec­tive: to raise aware­ness, inter­est and high­light Belgian space research. Infos & inscrip­tions : cds​.una​mur​.be/​space