• Location

    Academy Palace, 1 Rue Ducale 1000 Bruxelles

    • Date

      19 octobre

    • Time


En présence de:

Soirée de gala mêlant le spatial, l'artistique et le culturel

Dirk Frimout, Frank De Winne, Robert Thirsk, Charles F. Bolden Jr., Anna Lee Fisher, Vladimir Pletser, Nicole Stott


Gala Night

Description: 2022 is a very spe­cial year for Belgium. The entire coun­try cel­e­brates its two famous Belgian astro­nauts Dirk Frimout and Frank de Winne, who flew to space 30, 20 and 15 years ago.

Minister Glatigny & the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre would like to invite you on 19th of October to cel­e­brate these anniver­saries in the pres­ence of astro­nauts Dirk Frimout and Frank de Winne and the crew mates of their space mis­sions. Come and lis­ten to tes­ti­mo­ni­als of their careers as well as unique space artis­tic per­for­mances althrough the evening.

This gala event is opened to all space enthu­si­asts. The event is free & will be held in English. Registration is com­pul­so­ry. Food & drinks offered. 

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