Franz Viehböck



Franz Viehbock 1

Franz Viehböck was cho­sen for the Soviet-Austrian space project Austromir 91.

After two years of train­ing, he was select­ed for the Soyuz TM-13 mis­sion, and took off from the Baikonur cos­mod­rome on October 2, 1991 with Russian cos­mo­nauts Alexander A. Volkov and Kazakh Toktar Aubakirov.

On board the Mir space sta­tion, togeth­er with cos­mo­nauts Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev, he under­took 15 exper­i­ments in the fields of space med­i­cine, physics and space technologies.

Viehböck returned to earth on October 10, 1991 in the Soyuz TM-12 cap­sule after spend­ing 7 days and 22 hours in space.

For the next two years he held many con­fer­ences on his mis­sion, then went to the United States and worked for Rockwell. When Rockwell was tak­en over by Boeing, he became Director for International Business Development” in Vienna.