Apprentice astronomers (Activity in French)

Activité scolaire


Description: The Confluent des Savoirs offers stu­dents the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a leap into the uni­verse: from the dis­cov­ery of the star­ry sky to the con­stel­la­tions, stu­dents set out to con­quer space! They embark on a space jour­ney that will allow them to dis­cov­er a first intro­duc­tion to space and its mys­ter­ies through fun and edu­ca­tion­al activ­i­ties. The work­shop is accom­pa­nied by exper­i­ments or manip­u­la­tions that encour­age learn­ing while hav­ing fun!


5th and 6th grade

1 hour 30 min­utes

Note: The group will be divid­ed into 2 sub-groups. Please allow for the nec­es­sary num­ber of accom­pa­ny­ing persons.

Activité pro­posée par le Confluent des Savoirs

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