Exoplanets: exploring new worlds (Activity in French)

Activité scolaire


Description :

Nearly 5000 exo­plan­ets orbit­ing stars oth­er than the Sun have been detect­ed in the last 25 years. These plan­ets are very dif­fer­ent from those in our Solar System.

The activ­i­ty pro­pos­es to arouse the pupils’ curios­i­ty about the worlds that sur­round us through numer­ous illus­tra­tions and by giv­ing a com­par­a­tive view with our Solar System. Particular atten­tion will be paid to the notions of time and dis­tance. The pre­sen­ta­tion will be inter­ac­tive with the pupils and will be fol­lowed by a ques­tion and answer session.

Public: 5th pri­ma­ry to 4th secondary

Duration: 60 minutes

Objectives :

— descrip­tion of the solar system

— dis­cov­ery of exoplanets

Activity pro­posed by naXys — Namur Institute for Complex Systems

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