Lab visit Bio-ingeneers (MELiSSA research Ghent University)

Charles F. Bolden Jr., Anna Lee Fisher, Franz Viehböck, Dirk Frimout

Lab visit Bio ingeneers ME Li SSA research Ghent University

Description: Professor Ramón Ganigué shows the del­e­ga­tion of astro­nauts around the brand new lab of the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology’. In this lab of UGENT research is done with­in the frame­work of the European MELiSSA project. The final goal of MELiSSA is an effi­cient and closed self­sup­port sys­tem that astro­nauts will need on extend­ed space jour­neys. Scientific insti­tutes all over the world are work­ing on this effi­cien­cy with­in the dif­fer­ent mod­ules of MELiSSA.

Public: Ghent University Bio-engi­neers, Students of Master of Space Studies’, MELiSSA researchers. (not a pub­lic event)

Languages: English 

Partners: Ghent University, Faculty of Bio-engineers

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