School children meet astronauts

Charles F. Bolden Jr., Anna Lee Fisher, Franz Viehböck, Dirk Frimout

School children meet astronauts


Part 1: How does it feel to trav­el into space?

80 chil­dren of 8 to 12 years old will first have a ques­tion & answer ses­sion with the astro­nauts. The top­ics they dis­cuss are about space trav­el­ling in the past and today. How was it for the astro­nauts to go there?

Part 2: How will it be on the Moon or Mars when we are grown up?

The chil­dren present their own image of how trav­el­ling to and liv­ing on the Moon will be like. The astro­nauts give feed­back on the presentations.

Special: Astronauts will be wel­comed offi­cial­ly in Gent by the Mayor and Alderman for education.

Presentation: Stijn Ilsen (Space engi­neer at Qinetiq Space, author, sci­ence com­mu­ni­ca­tor).

The press mes­sage of the City Mayor 

Public: 4 pri­ma­ry schools, 80 chil­dren and their teach­ers. Three schools have chil­dren with spe­cial edu­ca­tion­al needs (‘spe­cial ele­men­tary edu­ca­tion’). (not open for oth­er schools than the 4 select­ed ones).

Languages: English, Flemish 

Partners: ESERO Belgium, City of Ghent, Stijn Ilsen 

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